Creating With Nature

Earth, and its many natural resources, is the ultimate gift to humanity. Some call it Mother as a form of deep respect, and many have lived through the ages in harmony with the natural world. But somewhere along the way a falsehood was rooted deep into human consciousness: the idea of ownership…the idea of “mine”.

It has been said in various philosophical books that there are two ways of being in this life: in creativity or in competitionCreativity adds to life, competition takes away. Creativity says, “there is plenty”,  competition says, “there is not enough”.

In our society, we’ve lived in a competitive model for the past two centuries. We are just beginning to acknowledge this way of being’s devastating effect on our planet: the drilling, the spilling, the warming, the melting, the flooding, the eroding, and the disappearing. A fear-based way of abusing our natural resources. We reap what we sow.

But as the veil is being lifted, more are turning towards a creative model of existence. This model works in communion with the innate wisdom of nature. Solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative energies; creative solutions to transportation; thinking outside of the box in terms of our everyday lifestyle choices… these are all life-enhancing ways of being.

This is what Creating With Nature means to me. It’s more than just working with natural artifacts in my artwork. It is relearning a way of being in harmony with nature. My mission is to share what I know and learn about natural resources and living a greener lifestyle through both my artwork and other creative outlets. Please follow along if you care to learn with me.