About Colleen


Hi there! I’m Colleen, a self-taught artist and creator with a love for all things nature. I adore walks in the woods, studying the light shining through trees,  feeling the Earth beneath my feet, and finding inspiration from the intricate details of all living things. I often use small treasures from my nature walks in my work, and particularly love working with wood cuts from downed tree branches.

I have a background and degree in Ecology, and you can often find me nerding out with an Audubon field guide in hand,  trying to identify various wildlife. My partner and love in life is an arborist, and I learn a tremendous amount from him about trees. He introduced me to woodworking, and I have the privilege of working in his father’s old woodshop to help me prepare tree rounds for my “Works on Wood” series.

In all of my studies, I have learned a great deal about living a more sustainable lifestyle. I take great interest in learning ways which I can live in more harmony with nature and reduce my own carbon footprint. But there is always more to learn, and my mission is to share what I learn about nature and sustainable living through my artwork and writing and other creative outlets. It’s the least I can do for Mother Earth.