Big Announcement–Time For a Shift

If you read my last post ” A Relaxed Mind is a Creative Mind“, then you might be aware that I’ve been experiencing a little burnout from running my online art business. This in turn was hindering my creative inspiration and left me feeling detached from the current work I have been creating. Despite all of this, I managed to create something beautiful last week even when I felt totally disconnected the entire time I created it. I signed up for a short online class with Alena Hennessy to help me get inspired, and she demonstrated a technique for creating a unique series. I followed her instructions religiously and didn’t really allow for enough of my own interpretation or originality to come into the art. It was entirely influenced by her style and I owe her credit for its creation.


I have learned a tremendous amount from Alena in taking her online classes over the years, where she teaches beautifully instructed videos on how to create mixed media work from your intuition. But whether consciously or subconsciously, you always take on styles from your mentor. I recognized after this last series, that it was time for me to break out from her shadow and to start creating something entirely new and original and completely “me”.

So after processing all of this in a life-changing home yoga practice the day after I finished this series, I turned to my art table and felt creatively inspired in a way I have never experienced. I followed through on a vague idea I had with creating some new original work on tree rounds that we had around our house (thanks to my amazing partner who is an arborist and tree expert). Here is the result:



The response to this new work has been huge for me, which helps to affirm that I am sharing from a place of authenticity.  It feels like I am coming home to myself in my artwork and my life.


As my artwork shifts, it’s time for my business to shift as well. I will be taking a couple months off to redo my website, finish up some existing projects, and create some new artwork. My tree round pieces will be available for purchase when I come back online. In essence, I will be working, but my website will be offline. I will continue to share from time to time on Facebook and Instagram, so keep tuned in there. I will have my contact information available to those of you who need to reach me and I thank you for your patience during this very exciting transitional time!






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