Change of Direction

I have a confession to make…I started this business totally for me. I did not have in mind what service I might provide to others through my art. Sure I thought it might inspire and uplift people in some way shape or form and maybe they would even be moved to purchase some new artwork for their home or as a gift. But honestly, it was really just to prove to myself that I could do it, I could put myself out there, and that I could stay committed to the artist path and somehow turn this into a thriving business. I have been going after that goal ever since my launch.

You’re going the wrong way!!!

More recently I’ve had to take a step back from pursuing this goal with so much gusto. Nothing about achieving the goal of a thriving art business felt fulfilling. Even my more general intention of doing what I loved for a living didn’t feel right. I felt stuck. Stuck = yuck. I needed help.

About 3 months ago, I found an online business coaching program that spoke to me. It’s called Abundant Yogi, and it’s a brilliant program created by Kris and Kraig Ward for heart-centered entrepreneurs. This online program ties in yoga philosophy and psychology with serious business advice. It’s like an accelerated MBA program put together by two successful and down-to-earth entrepreneurs who have already gone through the trenches of growing a business.

It’s through Abundant Yogi I am learning more about knowing my own innate qualities, characteristics and skill-sets that I can tie into more of a service-oriented business. They offer so much brilliant advice based on reading material and research. I am recognizing exactly what it is I have to offer that would provide even more value to others than through my artwork alone.

I am working intensely on putting together a curriculum for an online course right now that I look forward to launching by 2017. I am giving myself the time and space to put all of the necessary elements and intention into the e-course. The vision for this course is to help people move through their own “stuckness”  by engaging in some fun creative outlets.

Curious how I make some of my artwork? I’m including a free demo of how I created this mixed media painting of my sweet cat Karma in the March Monthly Magic letter.

So, what to expect from me in the meantime…expect more tutorials to pop up throughout this year, especially for my Monthly Magic followers. Expect more sharing of creative resources and blogs about creativity and healing. Expect to see me at a few local shows this Spring, Summer and Fall and maybe even an in-person workshop or 2. And definitely expect more artwork to be shared, just for the sake of sharing some colorful uplifting imagery…not just to make a sale.




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