Changing Things Up

I’ve been working on some new and fun projects the past couple of months, exploring new styles and brushing up on old techniques. It’s been a time of play and experimentation, which all help to keep the creative juices flowing.

My first super fun project was painting a mural in my new home studio. My studio is still a work in progress, but I knew from the fun shape of one of the walls, that a mural was the first step in making my new creative space. This involved some research and planning, some stenciling, acrylic paint, latex paint, oil paint markers, spray paint, and most importantly,  a respirator! I knew the outcome would be a tree, but I had no idea what the tree would really look like. My next plan is to make some bird ornaments to hang from edge to the left of the tree. Had a great time with this process!



Another recent project involved going back to an old love of mine, botanical illustration. In this project, prompted by a lesson from a Year of Painting II with Alena Hennessy, I used yupo paper for the first time and painted poppies with liquid acrylics and inks. I cleaned up my poppy painting in Photoshop and am in the process of having my design printed on silk scarves. If all goes well I should have some new scarves in my shop by the end of the summer.


Prototype of what the finished scarf will look like.


Things slow down in my day job in the summer, and I am lucky enough to have some stretches of time to do quick illustration work and designs in Adobe Illustrator. Here are a couple I have put together for practice.




I decided to go ahead and get the heart design printed on the front of a journal that I ordered through I have not decided if I am adding these to my shop for purchase, but I will definitely print them to order. Contact me in case you are interested! I am using this one as a gratitude journal.



Other fun things I have been working on….I have another mural project I am working on this summer. This is for good friends of mine for their 1-year-old son’s new bedroom. Daddy is from South Africa and Zimbabwe and mommy and daddy eloped on an African safari. Elephants have a strong family tribe and a definite importance to my friends, so I am creating an elephant mural for their little one. Here are 2 different designs I put together this week. The first is the original, the second is the design we are going with for the mural. It is inspired by a pillow case my friend gifted me from Africa.




Beyond that, I’ve been experimenting with my painting styles and working with more abstract works. I am finding it to be a great way to practice composition and balance.



11401078_1593151400956421_4414128728100479114_n (1)



Here’s to keeping things interesting in art and life!




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