Congrats You’re Having A Business!


Congrats2Last week I was walking home from work when I came upon a group of parents and their toddlers walking home from a local daycare center. I watched as the parents hugged their kids and took them by the hand, walking with them down the sidewalk. I found myself wishing I could hold the hand of a little one and guide them along their way in life. I suddenly felt alone, but instead of feeling sad, I caught myself. Up until the point where I saw the daycare scene, I was walking and brainstorming business ideas. I was formulating how to run my art business in a way that was more than just a means to make money, but rather a way that will have a positive impact. A comforting analogy came to me…I was not alone, I was walking with my own child…my art business.


I don’t want to place too much self-importance on starting this business, but for me, it is my small contribution to the world. I’m still in the gestational phase if you will. Pregnant with possibilities….I’ll stop with the puns!

Here are some general guidelines and values I decided about how I will run this business:

  1. I will use small local businesses whenever possible to support the local economy
  2. I will use eco-friendly materials whenever possible
  3. I will partner with non-profits to help fundraise for various causes
  4. I will stay debt-free in the start-up phase and in the running of my business
  5. I will keep it simple and stress free, allowing myself to stay creatively inspired and balanced
  6. I will treat my customers and followers with sincere care and attention
  7. I will leave room for the business to evolve and grow organically
  8. I will always make time for the people in my life and never lose touch with what is important
  9. I will be gentle with myself as I learn how to run a business
  10. I will find ways to support community with other artists and creatives


I haven’t fully birthed this business baby, but it feels good to plan to run it with values that align with who I am. In honor of my two values,  keeping it stress-free and staying debt-free, I have to announce that I need a bit more time before I am ready to launch my online store. Some of you may know my goal was to launch at the end of January. I partially gave myself that goal so that I would stay focused and motivated, but in all the efforts to make this happen, I have been unbalanced and stressed and dealing with sickness. With all that being said, it won’t be much longer before the birth announcement. I will be sure to keep everyone posted and thank you all for your kindness and support.







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