Dear May

Dear May,

You’ve been with us for 15 days now, and though your beauty and warmth are your most commonly relied upon characteristics after the cold and dark months of winter, you’ve shown us a different side this year. You tease us with moments of gorgeous sunshine that highlight the vibrancy of your colors, only to turn a cold shoulder in a moment with overcast and rainy skies that last for days. It’s as if you are asking us to appreciate you more, to not take advantage of the gifts you bring, and to slow down in those moments when you do cast the full glory of your beauty upon us.


You’ve humbled me dear May. I now recognize that you do not owe me anything at all, and that you work at the pace of nature and not my own wishes and will.  And as if to sink this message in even deeper, I have been humbled even further by breaking a finger on my hand when I was rushing at a pace that was unnatural and fell. I was not paying attention to your calling May, to slow down, to fully appreciate the small and beautiful moments, and to take rest on the rainy days. And so now I am forced to slow down, limited in my normal movements and activities, and able to watch the glory of your green swaying leaves against the gray and windy skies.

Please dear May, do not take our lack of appreciation personally. It’s just that us humans are odd creatures living in a fictional story that we need to rush and do more in order to get the most out of our one precious life. In doing so, we place our speedy expectations upon you to hurry up and give us more of what we want. If only we could heed nature’s wisdom before nature has to serve us a warning. I hear you now and thank you.

Humbly Yours,




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