Dream Big

My dream is to one day illustrate and author children’s books. This dream was always somewhere tucked away inside of me. Overtime it’s come into my full awareness in the most curious way…through my artwork.


My artwork did not always have a child-like or illustrative quality. But as I started to follow my intuition, I found myself going back to what I painted as a child; scenery with animals, sky, suns, moons, trees, and plants.



With the pursuit of every dream there is a very practical measure taken, and that is work, work, and more work. So I spent this past weekend doing some work at the bookstore, researching in the children’s book section. Who said work can not be fun? Here are some favorite classics I spent time with.
























I also took a look at some newer books. I absolutely fell in love with the stories and illustrations by Nancy Tillman and took one of her books home with me.


I checked out the 2014 Caldecott award winning book “Journey” by Aaron Becker, as well. This is a jaw-dropping picture book filled with wondrous pen and ink drawings.


His imagery reminds me of the work of film director and creator, Hiyao Miyazaki. And if you’ve never seen one of Miyazaki’s films, I suggest you do yourselves and your children a favor and watch “My Neighbor Totoro”.

It may be a long time before I see this dream of mine come true, but I feel in my heart such a calling for this work. It was with great sadness I discovered several years back, that having a child of my own would be very difficult for me. In addition to this, last year I met my sweet and loving partner and found out that he can not have children. Miracles of course happen everyday and there is a chance we will adopt in the future. But for now, I am finding a different way to be a part of children’s lives…through my artwork.

What are your favorite children’s books? I’d love to hear from you!





  1. Sheila

    Dear Colleen,
    I love this post. I believe your wish can come true. You have real artistic talent, a great sense of yourself and your goal. You also have a great sense of humor, which is helpful too.
    All the best as you reach for your dream.
    Love, Sheila

    • colleengaynorart

      Hi Aunt Shelia,

      Your comment did come through. It was so nice to see you and everyone yesterday.Thank you for your generosity and also your encouragement. Best, Colleen

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