Grand Opening!


It is with great excitement that I announce I am finally open for business from my home studio! I’ve been working on my inventory, my shop page, and technical set-up, over the last 3 months. I’ve experienced everything one can imagine when starting a business…mistakes, technical frustrations, emotional barriers, and long hours of steady work. Everything so far has been nothing short of a wonderful learning opportunity for me and has provided me with so much growth.

First and foremost I want to thank my customers that bought from my Society6 shop. For those of you who have had your eye on some of my fun products there, not to fret, I am keeping that page as well.  Primarily I am keeping it because many people have expressed interest in the clocks, tote bags, and pillows. In order to have those products available, Society6 requires artists to sell their prints as well. But I want to emphasize that the prints from my home studio will come with my original signature and packaged with other goodies you won’t be able to receive if you buy through Society6. I also receive 100% of the sale if you buy from my home studio, but I will still leave the option upto the buyer (guilt trip here)


Secondly, I want to thank my sweetheart and wonderful partner Brice. The support he has given me these past few months is nothing short of amazing. I am one lucky lady. A shout out to his brother as well who hooked me up with a free laptop that he frankensteined together from old laptops when mine malfunctioned….a true life-saver. Did I mention I am lucky?

There are others to thank here as well…my mentor Alena Hennessy, my ArtBiz ladies and Year of Painting community… all provide great support and feedback when needed. And of course, I want to thank my followers. Having followers on Facebook and Instagram keeps me motivated and encouraged more deeply then I can express in words.

More About My Shop page….

My original paintings are now available to purchase, as well as archival prints, and some stationery. In the process of gathering inventory to sell, I ordered some prints on archival quality photo matte paper. They really are beautiful, but have more of a gloss to them than a typical fine art print. They are now on sale in my shop in limited supply. I also have one item of inventory that is not up to my standards to sell full price…the first round of my Lucky Star Greeting card set, the letter “I” on the front is a bit close to the fold in the card (as seen below), so they are on sale as well.


Being that this is my grand opening, I am certain things will shift and change in my product line, so keep checking in. I have some projects on the horizon that I am very excited about and look forward to sharing more with you all. Just to give a hint…some of my favorite critters to paint can live in them.



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