Home With You Series

I just wanted to share my latest work, the “Home With You” series. This series came together in just a couple of days time over my past weekend. It was inspired by the last lesson in the online course I have been taking, “A Year of Painting 2″ with Alena Hennessy. It started with Alena’s challenge of working with a new color palette. I choose some softer, more neutral colors, rather than my typical bold color pallete. I also choose to use more pinks and reds and warm hues, as I tend towards a lot of blues and greens. The background came together very intuitively, which is signature to Alena’s style. The house kind of just showed up and I went along with it. It felt right.


I planned to put 4 cats into this series, one for each panel. The 4 cats represent a big part of my year. I moved into my partner’s house this year. He has 2 cats and I have 2 cats, and together we have a family of 4 kitties. It hasn’t exactly been the smoothest transition…lots of cat fights, lots of veterinary visits, lots of feline behavior research, calming pheromones, separating, reintroductions…you name it, we tried it. You know what the number one thing is that helped the cats get settled? Time. A little over 6 months of trials, patience, love, and commitment, and the cats have finally seemed to work out their differences. It’s still not perfection, but it’s a whole lot happier than it was in the beginning, and with more time, I suspect it will become even more peaceful. Good old time, the healer of all.


Something many of you may not know about me is that I am also a pianist. I took 12 years of lessons, and although I have been without a piano for over a decade now, I have the blessing of being able to sight read and play music. My partner’s parents value classical music greatly. His father is a Cellist and he actually transposes operettas for the Metropolitan Opera Company. They feel all musicians should have easy access to their instruments and they are getting me a piano as a gift. They want our home to have music. How sweet is that!? I have always said that my dream home will have cats and a piano. So there you go, someone was listening. I’ve captured that aspect of my year with the musical notes in the background. They also symbolize harmony.


The trees are completely representative of what my partner loves so much. He is an Arborist by trade, and a true tree hugger. He has  planted and saved more trees than anyone I know. The flowers and birds are what he and I love and what we have as common interests, we are nature-lovers. The tree swing is a symbol of playfulness and joy and the red at the bottom of the painting symbolizes the color of the root chakra and getting grounded and settled. home2Overall this painting represents the love and gratitude I have felt with finally finding a partner to settle down and build a home with. It’s been a year full of love, growth and lessons on commitment and true partnership.HomeWithYou



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