Personalized Illustrations for Children

My heart was broken open this week after hearing the news about my coworker’s daughter. She is a courageous 4-year old sweetie pie and is now in a battle with brain cancer. All prayers and good thoughts are welcome.

I’ve worked at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for close to 8 years now, but being on the research side, we are far removed from the main hospital and all of the patients. But this news really hit home. As my colleague put it so well yesterday, taking a walk through the Oncology ward at a children’s hospital really puts your own problems into perspective.

All of that being said, she and her family have received an outpouring of support and love and she went home today after recovering from brain surgery. They are all hopeful that with her feisty little spirit in tact, she will pull through.

Feeling at a loss for how to offer support, I reached out to my coworker to ask his daughter what her favorite animals are. She said her favorite animals are dogs, horses and unicorns. And so I spent the last couple of days creating this personalized illustration for her. unicorn_700

Which brings me to a new offering, personalized illustrations for a special child in your life. Please see details here. These illustrations are FREE for children battling cancer. Please email me to discuss the details.



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