She is My Winter

Into The Woods


I’ve recently revisited this Mixed Media Illustration I made over a year ago. I originally named it “Into the Woods” without much time really spent with this strange creature that came to me. But I am about to embark on an intensive children’s book illustration class, and it was suggested that if I am an artist who has never illustrated a book, to go through my artwork and see if there are any strong characters that I can develop. Hence why I am revisiting her. In spending more time with her, I decided that she is my Winter. Here is what I wrote down about her:





Winter. There is something magical about this time of year. I start to yearn for traditions of my Irish heritage. It’s like I am digging deep, going back to the roots. I uncover my longing for ritual, rest, and renewal. Chopping, brewing, boiling…the condensation fills my home, my cave, with glorious earthy scents and lung-saving moisture. Knitting by the fire, the repetition soothes me. Laying under the extra blankets and the occasional purring cat, the extra weight stills me.

There is nowhere to go, no escape, I go within. I rest deeply.

How about you? How do you over-winter?




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