The Importance of Creative Community


This journal post is for my creative community. I’ve met the most amazing women from all over the world through online courses taught by Alena Hennessy. I took A Year of Painting One and now am taking A Year of Painting Two with a select group of artists from the first year. I also took a month long intensive class called ArtBiz with just 9 other artists. In these courses we’ve explored not only art lessons, technique and business information, but also getting in touch with our intuition and conquering barriers and fears. We share both our triumphs and difficulties with our creative lives as well as with our personal lives. We cheer each other on, hold space for each other, and only provide constructive feedback when it is asked. It’s truly a safe place to share.

I have to admit that I never thought I could really bond with people through an online forum. Last week I learned just how much we have bonded when one of the members of both the Year of Painting Classes and the same ArtBiz course that I took, passed away. It was truly saddening and shocking news. Louise Beckinsale was a young mother of 5, her most recent only a few months old. Louise worked in Italy at her studio/bed and breakfast called Bliss Base. She was such an uninhibited and amazing artist and just had a magical spark. As a community last night, Alena organized a half hour to sit and meditate, light a candle, and have a memorial in our own space. I felt the presence of all my artist sisters from around the world and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this community.

This coming May I am attending one of a Alena’s retreats in Asheville, North Carolina and will finally get to meet her and a few of the other artists from the online classes in person. I am so looking forward to this! I want to take this time to share the artwork of some of these lovely women:

Work by Artist Suki Kapinao of Suki Healing Arts


Work By Artist Grace Morgan


Work by Artist Heather Holmes


Work By Artist Lara Cornell


Work by Artist Alena Hennessy


Work by Artist Cheryl Greene


Work By Artist Cathrin Gressieker


Work by Artist Jennifer Sheffield Currie


Work by Artist Julia Godden


Work by Artist Ida Glad


Work by Artist Louise Beckinsale

There are many others that are not represented here, but the above gives you a glimpse into the talent and soulfulness of this community. So grateful to be a part of it.








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